Be the first to know about new products and flash sales.
Be the first to know about new products and flash sales.

Single Earrings and a FREE gift with purchase

Sterling Silver Single Earrings
Sterling Silver Single Earrings
Sterling Silver Single Cartilage Earrings

New Single Earrings Just Dropped

These earrings are sold individually for those with second earlobe piercings and cartilage piercings. There are so many cute and dainty earrings to collect. Don't miss out! If a pair is needed, just add 2. These will be loved by many.


Free Item with purchase

I created a few designs and made them into stickers. Below is my bullet journal with the set of stickers. Get this exclusive Simplicity Charms planner stickers FREE with every order purchased on While supplies last. Does not apply to Etsy orders. Add item to see discount.

Simplicity Charms Planner Stickers

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Sterling Silver Cross Charm Hoop

Sterling Silver Heart Charm Hoop

Sterling Silver Ball Threader Double Earring

Sterling Silver 4mm CZ Threaded Stud

Sterling Silver Single Crown Stud

Sterling Silver Single Bird Stud

Sterling Silver Triple Star Single Stud

Sterling Silver Tiny Chevron Stud

Sterling Silver Single Arrow Stud

Sterling Silver Small Triangle Stud

Gold Filled Seamless Hoop Earring 22g


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I am the creator/designer/manager behind Simplicity Charms. I first opened Simplicity Charms etsy store in 2009 and have developed my craftsmanship through years of practice. Our vision is to create pieces that lasts where you can bring them along with you through life's journeys.



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