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A little about me. I am the creator/manager of Simplicity Charms.


My name is Jenny and I live in Los Angeles, CA. I love coffee, baking, food, fitness, photography, card-making, hand lettering, fashion, jewelry, and anything that expresses my creativity. I graduated college in 2009 and that summer, I had a bit of free time. I started with just some economy wire I bought at a local craft store and a set of pliers. That was when I created my first ear cuff. I initially didn't know where this would lead but I figured quite quickly that I was very good with crafting and I loved it. I started out selling on a forum but then I found Etsy and opened my store in August of 2009.

Simplicity Charms Ear CuffThe first ear cuff I made in 2009 under the name "SimplyyJ"

I married my husband shortly after college. The following year, my son was born. We moved to North Carolina because my husband was stationed there and I brought my jewelry with me. It was there that I really decided to dedicate myself in this venture. We've moved several times since then and I love that I am able to bring my company along with me and work wherever I wanted. We are now settle in California with our two kids.

I have expanded in the types of jewelry I make now through the development of my skills and techniques and love every piece that I've produced. My thoughts when creating new collections are what would I wear myself and how would I make it that would create a solid beautiful piece that I am confidant in putting out there.



Now, I work at my home studio and in my spare time, I still bake, make cards, and hand letter but I'm still working on sharing my life more.



I am the creator/designer/manager behind Simplicity Charms. I first opened Simplicity Charms etsy store in 2009 and have developed my craftsmanship through years of practice. Our vision is to create pieces that lasts where you can bring them along with you through life's journeys.



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